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Landscape Maintenance

Routine lawn maintenance is a necessity as it allows landscapes to remain healthy and beautiful all year long. Trust our experienced arborists and landscape experts to provide you with excellent customer service, tree work, and landscape maintenance that will keep your property in the best shape possible.

Lawn Mowing

Finding the time to mow your lawn may not be such an easy task, especially if you already have a busy schedule. Choosing professional lawn mowing services can be a great option for you, as it will help maintain your lawn’s natural beauty on a regular basis. Our experienced mowers will tame your grass, resulting in a perfect cut each time so you won’t have to worry.

Mulching & Pruning

The type of bushes, hedges, and trees you have will determine how often you should prune. With routine mulching and pruning, we make sure your landscape remains healthy. Unsure of how to properly prune your bushes and mulch? Allow us to handle your landscape and keep it lush green and weed-free.

Irrigation System Installation

Keeping your lawn healthy with consistent watering will help you obtain a beautiful lawn. Our irrigation team ensures every inch of your landscape is covered and nothing goes missing. With a professional irrigation system installation, such as remote-controlled sprinklers, your plants can obtain the proper sustenance they need to thrive.

Turf Improvement

Improving your turf includes a variety of factors such as soil type, standing water issues, excessive weeds, and more. Our turf improvement services include aeration, composting, fertilization, overseeding and weed control. A series of our customized turf improvement treatments will cover all aspects of your lawn to ensure it grows into lush green grass.

Commercial Property Maintenance

We understand that your priority is the internal functions of your business. Allow us to handle your property with high-quality landscaping maintenance every season. From mowing between your flower beds to installing an efficient irrigation system, we provide you with the precise services you need to keep your property professional and sleek.

Take Care of Your Yard With Expert Landscape & Tree Services

Our priority is you and we will provide professional lawn maintenance that will save you more time and money. We take the time to listen to your concerns and develop lawn solutions to keep your landscape vibrant green. If you need lawn maintenance services such as mowing, trimming, or an irrigation system installation, contact our team and discuss your landscape concerns today!

Customer Feedback

Friendly, Responsive, Ambitious, and Accommodating

Logan is super friendly, responsive, ambitious, and accommodating. He and his crews are local, and they really know the area and the environmental characteristics of the land very well.

L. Norman

I can highly recommend Logan

I called Logan and he was meeting me at my home one hour after my call! He was able to perform part of my work immediately and a quote for the rest of the job was in my e-mail by that evening. I can highly recommend Logan, he is responsible, fairly priced and very, very knowledgeable about all things outdoors.

P. Flanagan

Fully Trust That it Will be Done Right.

I need to know I can pick up the phone, say what needs to be done and when, and fully trust that it will be done right. With Riverbend Landscapes, that’s exactly what I get.

R. Leadbetter

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