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Tree Pruning Services

Properly pruning your trees increases their health by 20%. Neglecting to prune your trees often may lead to various landscape issues, such as diseases and infection. At Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service, we adhere to all ANSI A300 Standards and assure that our professional tree pruning services will improve the health and appearance of your trees. Our arborists offer industry-standard tree pruning that not only maintains your trees but also improves your safety. 


Crown Cleaning

Tree branches that are diseased, weak, too long, or dead may hinder its overall structural integrity and may put your landscape’s health at risk. Our arborists selectively prune deadwood, diseased, and dying limbs from the canopy of a tree. We also prune crossing and rubbing limbs, which is beneficial for the tree’s health and promotes longevity.

Crown Raising or Elevating

When your tree branches begin to lower closer to the ground, prevent overgrowth with our crown raising or elevating services. We remove the lower branches to provide clearance from the ground or structure. This helps guide the tree and lifts the limbs off of the ground allowing for more sunlight to break through.

Crown Reduction or Shaping

Crown reduction or shaping consists of decreasing the actual height or spread of a tree. It is also important to note which species of trees are more equipped to sustain this type of pruning. Our tree specialists can help you choose the exact type of pruning your trees need most.

Hazardous Reduction Pruning (HRP)

When branches are decaying or declining, they pose an imminent danger to you and your family. For example, dead branches close to the house, street, or patio/playground can be a major safety hazard. Our team offers on-call emergency hazardous reduction pruning services that can help you maintain your trees and keep you safe.

Experiencing A Tree Emergency? Call (703) 963-3938 for on-call emergency services! 

Why Choose Us?

Certified Arborists

Our tree experts receive the necessary certifications and training to serve residential and commercial properties with quality tree pruning services that aligns with the ANSI A300 Standards.

Professional Experience

Our tree experts have years of experience pruning various tree species in Northern Virginia. We have the skill to effectively maintain your trees while expanding their natural beauty.


Our arborists are dedicated to providing you with quality tree work and landscaping services. We will always keep you updated every step of the way so you know you’re getting quality at a reasonable price.

Contact Our Tree Pruning Experts in Northern Virginia

When you reach out to us with your landscape concerns, we will provide you with solutions that are 100% safe. We’ll keep you updated throughout your entire tree pruning process to ensure your landscape is treated with the utmost care.

Customer Feedback

Friendly, Responsive, Ambitious, and Accommodating

Logan is super friendly, responsive, ambitious, and accommodating. He and his crews are local, and they really know the area and the environmental characteristics of the land very well.

L. Norman

I can highly recommend Logan

I called Logan and he was meeting me at my home one hour after my call! He was able to perform part of my work immediately and a quote for the rest of the job was in my e-mail by that evening. I can highly recommend Logan, he is responsible, fairly priced and very, very knowledgeable about all things outdoors.

P. Flanagan

Fully Trust That it Will be Done Right.

I need to know I can pick up the phone, say what needs to be done and when, and fully trust that it will be done right. With Riverbend Landscapes, that’s exactly what I get.

R. Leadbetter

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