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Tree Removal

Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service understands that trees that are dead, diseased, and hazardous can threaten you and your family’s safety, and not to mention, the safety of others. Trees that lay too close to your home or are at risk of falling over can be extremely dangerous and professional tree removal is highly advised. Our clients have trusted us for years to remove hazardous trees from their landscapes. We are proud to continue offering tree removal services that are convenient and safe. 

Crane Services

When it comes to removing enormous trees from your landscape, it is crucial that you hire ISA-certified arborists to ensure your family is kept safe and your yard is left unscathed. Often times, there are many obstacles standing in the way of you safely removing a tree from your property. Residents trust our team to implement tree removals that are efficient, safe, and never impact your property.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

This complete tree removal involves grinding approximately 12 inches below the ground from the stump and the tree’s surface roots within three feet of the stump. After it’s fully ground, we’ll use the grinds to fill the hole in which the tree was removed.

Complete Tree & Stump Removal

Both the tree and the stump, along with it’s mulch, will be removed from the property by our arborists. We also provide dirt, soil, and sod to help restore your property to ensure it grows lush green grass.

Tree Removal With A Low Stump Cut

The process of a tree removal with a low stump cut includes our certified arborists cutting the tree as low as reasonably possible, which will not damage the landscape.

Yes. We provide firewood deliveries to help you stay warm and cozy during the winter months.

Yes. Once our arborists perform a tree removal, you may keep the tree as an option.

If you request for your tree to be cut into firewood length, our arborists will cut the tree logs approximately 18 inches long. This does not include split and fireplace-ready wood. It will still need to be split and seasoned before being used in a fireplace.   

Why Choose Us?

Certified Arborists

Our tree experts have acquired the professional training and experience to efficiently maintain and remove trees from a number of residences and commercial spaces in Northern Virginia.

Professional Experience

We have dealt with projects both large and small. We specialize in tree services ranging from tree evaluation, crown cleaning, thinning, raising, pruning, fertilization and much more.


Our team is dedicated to serving you and keeping your trees and landscape in great health. We remain transparent with all of our tree services so you are guaranteed quality at a reasonable price.

Call Our Tree Removal Experts to Remove Your Hazardous Trees Today

Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service has a team of highly skilled arborists that specialize in tree removals on residential and commercial properties throughout Northern Virginia. Our clients trust us to patiently listen to their concerns and determine which services that will suit their landscape best.

Get a free tree safety evaluation today! Schedule an appointment with one of our professional arborists at your earliest convenience.

Customer Feedback

Friendly, Responsive, Ambitious, and Accommodating

Logan is super friendly, responsive, ambitious, and accommodating. He and his crews are local, and they really know the area and the environmental characteristics of the land very well.

L. Norman

I can highly recommend Logan

I called Logan and he was meeting me at my home one hour after my call! He was able to perform part of my work immediately and a quote for the rest of the job was in my e-mail by that evening. I can highly recommend Logan, he is responsible, fairly priced and very, very knowledgeable about all things outdoors.

P. Flanagan

Fully Trust That it Will be Done Right.

I need to know I can pick up the phone, say what needs to be done and when, and fully trust that it will be done right. With Riverbend Landscapes, that’s exactly what I get.

R. Leadbetter

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